How to Answer – Strengths and Weaknesses for Job Interviews

One of the most common interview questions that most of us have experienced or are asked at some point is “What are your strengths and weaknesses?

 The following article provides a list of strengths and weaknesses that can be used to stand out in an interview, as well as the best answers to impress the interviewer.


First, we’ll start with the Strengths

  • At some point during the interview, the hiring manager will probably ask you to explain your strengths. Many candidates will be wondering how to respond to their strengths without risking being overly bragging or narcissistic.
  • Being ready to talk when asked this question will help you stand out from others who are applying for a job.
  • Tell a compelling story, not only saying “I’m diligent and diligent,” and highlighting my strengths, but also emphasizing what can be brought to that position. You can develop a method.
  • Be sure to show diversity, including various strengths such as knowledge-based skills, transferable skills, soft skills, and personal attributes.

Even the most experienced candidates can struggle with the problem of explaining their strengths, so we’ve put together a list of examples to inspire your strength story. Inspired by each of these key strength examples, you can find out why recruitment managers should choose you.


Strengths for freshers

  1. I always like to work in groups and feel that the nature of collaboration is one of my strongest qualities. In my project, I  inspire different team members and work with them to reach their project goals. In fact, I’ve increased my productivity by 10% in two years.
  1. My greatest strength is my writing ability. I work well under pressure and never miss a deadline. A concrete example that comes to mind is when a colleague is asked to complete a project that he has forgotten. My editor noticed this two hours before the editing deadline.

    It was an important job, so  I was able to get to work and finish it with enthusiastic precision. Not only was it completed on time, but it was also very well received by the readers of the publication.

  1. I am an empathetic person who knows how to deal with people and understand their needs. During my summer internship, I was working on a support hotline and received a call from a dissatisfied customer who was locked out of our service.

    The company couldn’t find a solution for her, but she showed her other options she might have, so she interacted positively with her company. I went back to my house. I know the importance of happy customers and want to remain optimistic and solution-oriented.

  1. I think my greatest strength is the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Because you can see a given situation from multiple perspectives, you are eligible to do your job even in difficult situations.

    By solving this problem, I can be a better communicator. I talk to senior management as well as members of the junior team. Being able to see all aspects of the problem will be a great asset to the team.

  2. I’m fairly new to the finance industry, however, I locate that I’m exact at running with numbers and I truly love it. I love supporting human beings by keeping cash and locating new funding possibilities for my customers.

    Learning approximately their wishes and locating methods to assist them to obtain the way of life they need is so satisfying to me, and I`ve helped my customers grow their internet really well worth 10% collectively.

As you can see, the ability to tell a story in your answer gives you a competitive advantage. The more you can clearly express your greatest strength, giving examples, the better your job hunting will be.

Strengths for experienced

  1. I recognize the enterprise inner and out. After running in income and advertising for over 15 years I recognize I actually have the abilities to maximise your advertising bucks and enhance your backside line.

    In fact, once I commenced at my closing company, their income has been declining, and below my leadership, I became capable of growing sales in consecutive years, via way of means of 7% and 5%, respectively.

  2. I even have five years of revel in as a copywriter and don’t forget myself to have sturdy writing abilities. I became promoted to a piece writing role after 5 years in the company, so I even have additionally advanced my enhancing abilities way to my new role.
  3. Thanks to my experience as an HR representative, I actually got outstanding communication skills.

    As my job is of becoming answerable for facilitating informational workshops for groups of workers contributors and mediating any warfare withinside the workplace. I actually have additionally finished a direction on a powerful communique from UCLA.

  4. I remember my management competencies to be one of my best strengths. During my time as a branch head, I efficiently merged groups and prepared education packages for all crew contributors to make sure that everybody become assured of their new role.

    As a result, we had been capable of boom income with the aid of using 5% inside our first month as a brand new crew.

  5. My strength is that I am a Good Listener which comes with my dedicated experience of 2 years as a Dietician in a leading firm in south Mumbai.

Second Part – Weaknesses

What do you say when asked to explain your biggest weaknesses? Let’s discuss

  • If you say -you don’t have any weakness then you may sound arrogant, but if you share your negative attributes then can your chances of winning a position are at risk.
  • Remember your weakness is your area of improvement not weakness, so refer to it accordingly.
  • Never quote behavioural or personal weaknesses (Eg. emotional, impatient, short-tempered)
  • You must appear humble and willing to learn without scaring recruitment managers with insurmountable weaknesses.
  • When looking back on your weaknesses, it’s important to select attributes and be proactive or identify the steps you’re taking to turn those weaknesses into strengths.
  •  Telling a related story and how you’re working to change this weakness only reinforces your case.
  • Being able to identify areas for improvement indicates that you are a comprehensive candidate.


How to answer what are your weaknesses as a Fresher and Experienced

  1. My area of improvement is the latest version of the software in the market. Recently, I’ve focused on creating a positive user experience and always want to learn new things. Throughout my career, software is constantly changing and has always adapted to changing technologies. I need to Invest time to learn this new software.
  2. I get nervous when I speak in public as this is an important skill. Especially if you want to share your thoughts during a meeting.
  3. My weakness currently would be a lack of experience in this field. To overcome that I have taken some side courses to gain knowledge.
  4. I have a tendency to be overly critical of myself. Whenever I finish a project, I can’t assist however sense that I may want to have carried out extra even supposing my paintings acquired a high-quality response. This regularly leads me to overwork myself and leaves me feeling burned out.
  5. I constantly try and keep away from confrontation, in each of my private and expert life. This precipitated me to compromise from time to time on the exceptional of my paintings or what I wished to finish a task simply to preserve the peace. This has become actual trouble once I have become a manager.
  6. I especially used Python in my final position, so I don`t have a great deal enjoy with Java. I did a direction on Java for one semester at University, however, I have not used it due to the fact that then.
  7. I fear negative criticism and may end up enthusiastic about perfecting my paintings after receiving notes from a supervisor. While I admire the guidance, I suppose I can discover ways to be much less harsh on myself.
  8. I discovered that public talking is intimidating and I frequently struggled with presentations. As a result, I am presently taking a public talking direction at a network university to come to be greater assured and discover ways to shape a speech greater effectively.
  9. I am not awesome at studying facts or numbers. In my last role, I installed month-to-month conferences with the SEO supervisor to talk about analytics and the way our posts have been appearing.
  10. I am way more talkative than required as I love conversing with more and more people. Lately, I have found out that this can distract my other co-workers at work.