Self Introduction In English for Students

A clear, confident, and concise self-introduction for students is defined as a clear, confident, and brief self introduction in English. It should include information on the student’s identity, personality, and what information should be shared with others. The self-introduction in English can have an influence on students’ mentors and peers, as well as help them … Read more

How to Give Self-Introduction in an Interview for Freshers

You know yourself best, but it’s really difficult to introduce yourself well in an interview. Much depends on how you present yourself in the interview. If your performance goes well, you will feel safe and the interviewer will get a good impression of you. The interview is the first step towards your dream job. The … Read more

15 Daily Conversations in English for Speaking

Having problem while using basic common phrases in daily conversations ? Want to improve your speaking skills ? Then, do not worry and lets learn the Common structures and sentence patterns, common expressions, common phrasal verbs, and idioms that are much used in daily life for conversations.. Lets start the basic 20 phrases that you … Read more

5 English Speaking Rules You Need To Know

Do you want to speak English fluently and confidently in a short time? To speak English fluently, easily, and confidently these 5 English speaking rules you need to know. The fifth point is very important for these English speaking rules. 5 English Speaking Rules To know and learn more about how to speak English fluently and … Read more

50 Short Daily Conversation Sentences in English for Speaking

50 Short Daily Conversation Sentences in English for Speaking. There is a large number of regularly used English conversational sentences available. You must communicate with a large number of professionals on daily basis. 50 Common English Sentences Learn these basic conversational sentences to use in your daily life Mentorplus. ➤ It was nice to talk with … Read more

Activities to Improve Verbal Communication

What is verbal communication ? What can be the activities to improve verbal communication? Verbal communication is the communication where speaker uses words for transmitting the message to the receiver. Then you can understand this form of speaking with better clarity. We can express our views , ideas and thoughts in the form of words. … Read more

How to Crack HR Round for Freshers

Don’t you agree that good academic performance and sound expertise alone are not enough to guarantee your job? Is personnel round really the end of the hiring process for a company? Tips to keep in mind before an Interview-  Research the company. Research your interviewer. Prepare a set of questions. Conduct a mock interview. Print out … Read more