Job Interview Preparation Checklist

Pre-Interview Preparation Checklist 1. Print multiple copies of your resume. 2. Prepare a portfolio of your past work. 3. Review common interview questions. 4. Practice answering interview questions out loud. 5. Try having a mock interview for extra practice. 6. Spend time researching the company. 7. Create a list of your accomplishments. 8. Prepare questions … Read more

Online Courses to Improve English Communication

Udemy – Instant Communication Skills – Best for Basics Coursera – English Communication Skills Certification – Best for Strengthening English Speaking and Writing Skills Coursera – Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups – Best for Teams LinkedIn Learning – Effective Listening – Best for Improving Listening Skills Coursera – Storytelling and Influencing: Communicate with Impact … Read more

Common Grammatical Errors in English

Pronoun Disagreement For example: Incorrect: “Every girl must bring their own lunch.” Correct: “Every girl must bring her own lunch.” Mistakes in Apostrophe Usage For example: Incorrect: “My mothers cabin is next to his’ cabin.” Correct: “My mother’s cabin is next to his cabin.” Lack of Subject-Verb Agreement For example: Incorrect: “These recipes is good … Read more