How to Give Self-Introduction in an Interview for Freshers

You know yourself best, but it’s really difficult to introduce yourself well in an interview. Much depends on how you present yourself in the interview. If your performance goes well, you will feel safe and the interviewer will get a good impression of you. The interview is the first step towards your dream job. The … Read more

How to Crack HR Round for Freshers

Don’t you agree that good academic performance and sound expertise alone are not enough to guarantee your job? Is personnel round really the end of the hiring process for a company? Tips to keep in mind before an Interview-  Research the company. Research your interviewer. Prepare a set of questions. Conduct a mock interview. Print out … Read more

Job Interview Preparation Checklist

Pre-Interview Preparation Checklist 1. Print multiple copies of your resume. 2. Prepare a portfolio of your past work. 3. Review common interview questions. 4. Practice answering interview questions out loud. 5. Try having a mock interview for extra practice. 6. Spend time researching the company. 7. Create a list of your accomplishments. 8. Prepare questions … Read more

HR Interview Strengths and Weaknesses

list of strengths to consider Entrepreneurial Detail-oriented Collaborative Creative Empathetic Passionate Problem solver Flexible Patient Honest Dedicated Positive Able to lead Expert in a particular skill or software Sample responses “I am very collaborative. I’ve always enjoyed working on teams …” “I love staying up-to-date with trends in the tech industry…” List of  weaknesses that … Read more

10 Tips to Succeed in a Job Interview in English for Freshers

1. Know About Company and Job Role 2. Keep Documents At One Place 3. Prepare Well For Basic Interview Questions 4. Mock Interview 5. Dress Impressively and Be On Time 6. Show Smart Communication Skills 7. Be Focused and Maintain Positive Body Language 8. Ask Relevant Questions 9. Think Positively 10. Follow Up After Completion

How to do English Speaking Practice for the Interview

Important points to remember in interviews 1. Prepare before the interview 2. Speak slowly 3. Speak clearly How to Speak English Fluently and Confidently in Interview? 1. Read articles, articles about topics related to the job you are applying for. 2. Listen to interviews with people who work in your field or with your potential … Read more

How to Get Rid of Hesitation in Job Interview?

If your hands tremble and your knees weaken with each interview, you are not alone. But fear of an interview does not have to limit your career opportunities. The first step in overcoming your fear is to change your attitude towards job interviews. Finally, in preparation for the interview, you will learn some strategies for … Read more