15 Daily Conversations in English for Speaking

Having problem while using basic common phrases in daily conversations ?

Want to improve your speaking skills ?

Then, do not worry and lets learn the Common structures and sentence patterns, common expressions, common phrasal verbs, and idioms that are much used in daily life for conversations..

Lets start the basic 20 phrases that you can use in your day to day schedule…

1. Good morning how are you doing ?

A GOOD MORNING is a formal greeting to each and everyone like parents , family , elders , teachers , siblings, Interview , higher authority etc. HOW ARE YOU ? OR HOW ARE YOU DOING ? is a common phrase to know the well-being of the individual in front of you.


Phlip: Good morning john , how are you doing ?

john : Good morning sir, I am doing well and good and you…

2.Hello Nice to meet you

Whenever you meet a new person or after greeting a person, it is always a courtesy to say NICE TO MEET YOU In order to make the person in front of you feel special.


John: Hello cathy! Nice to meet you

Cathy : Hye

3.How do you do ?

This is always used to asked to someone that how are they doing or what their present scenario. The responses are usually much more interesting by the receivers.


john: Cathy, how do you do ?

Cathy : I am fine. What about you ?

4.Thank you so much

This is used to thank someone for the help done by them. Thus, in return a person would feel more privileged to be honored.


John: Thank you so much for the gift

Cathy : you are most welcome

5.What time is it ?

This phrase is used to ask the time. Thus, many a times this phrase is used to ask the accurate time to do the work or to know the time.


John: What time is it ?

Cathy : 9.00 P.M

6.I will pick you up

This is used in between friends or two people who will pick up the other from the destination.


John: Tomorrow we will go to the movie at 5 pm.

Cathy : ok John ! I will pick you up

7.Excuse me

“Excuse me” is used when someone is busy at doing some work and you want them to listen to you.


John:Excuse me cathy

Cathy : Yes john please say

8.I am Sorry

When you have done something wrong or when you are at any mistake, It is always important to apologize for the mistake.


John:I am sorry for the mistake

Cathy :Its okay john

9.Could you please repeat ?

When you do not understand something said by the other person then you use this phrase that “could you please repeat ?“.


John: This is the ultimate objective………………….

Cathy: Could you please repeat ?

10.Could you tell me where this place is?

This sentence is used when a person is new to the place and wants to know the road map. Hence, when one person is new to a new place then they ask “Could you tell me where this place is ?“


John:I am new to this place , Hence, could you tell me where this place is ?

Cathy:Go right and then turn left and then straight beside the temple.

11.I am looking for…

If you Do not find what you want then you can ask the person to help you to find it. Afterwards, just add the name of what you want after the phrase “I am looking for…”


John:Excuse me, I am looking for a winter coat.

Cathy: The rain coat is in the cupboard.

12.What did they say ?

Whenever a group or two individuals are having a conversations , If someone is absent or away from the crowd those individual use the phrase “what did they say? “.


John: What did they say?

Cathy :They were talking about…..

13.That’s a great idea !

Whenever we get an idea about something or someone we use the conversations phrase that’s a great idea!


John:While we’re here, let’s pick up the ingredients.

Cathy : That’s a great idea

14.How much does this/that cost?

If you are holding something to buy, or it is right near you, you can say “How much does this cost?” to find out (learn) the price.

You can also put the name of the object you want to after “this.”


John: I need to buy a toaster. How much does this cost?

15. I will be with you in a moment.

Whenever someone wants to see you, you might not be ready to talk to them. Then, use this phrase as a part of conversations if you need a minute to finish something first. Afterwards if a client is waiting for help, you can also use this phrase to show that their turn is next.

Also, you can replace “moment” with “minute”: “I will be with you in (just) a minute.”

Then, another common phrase for this situation is “I will be right with you.”


John: I will be with you in a moment.

5 phrases that can be used at workplace

1.Please call me

2.can i help you ?

3.You are Welcome

4. When is the deadline?

5.How much is it ?