10 Tricks To Become A Good English Speaker

To become an advanced and good English speaker can be a very valuable skill. This blog will tell you about “how you can become a good English speaker”.

Learning to speak good English and that too confidently is very important for anyone studying the language. Here is how to become a good English speaker in 10 easy steps :


1. Interact With People

Interacting with people means a conversation which involves listening and talking. Try to communicate in English as much as possible. You will feel more comfortable and confident.

Key Points :

Take advantage of your friends to practice and learn from them. As the other person will get a chance to speak and use their answers it will help you to think about what to say next.

Ask specific questions and try to get feedback. You need to get speaking practice to become a good English speaker.

You can join a language exchange. Here you will meet people who will help you to know the language you want to learn.

You can check the other person’s emphasizing keywords, rephrasing, or using expressions. “HelloTalk” for language exchanges.

It will help in becoming confident in trying to use new words or phrases, to become a good English speaker.

2. Listen And Repeat

Many English learners are embarrassed by their foreign accent, they forget the key words while speaking and do not understand how other people reply. This leads to an awkward situation. So, more you will hear the English language, the more natural you will sound when you speak.

Key Points :

Listening to English speaking people will help you to build your English speaking ability.

Watch an English program or English news to know the certain words and phrases used. You can watch English-speaking movies.

Listen to podcasts to improve your English speaking. You can choose popular culture, news, music, history, and many other topics.

You can download podcasts on your smartphone or tablet. Download “Voice of America: Learning English” or “LearnEnglish Podcasts” from the British Council.

You can listen to English-speaking radio to improve your comprehension. Pay close attention to the words that are spoken.

As you listen to the words and phrases, pause it and repeat them to get the accent and correct pronunciation.

You can download a radio application to your computer, smartphone, or tablet and listen to English radio stations.

So, expose yourself to songs, series, documentaries, accents and conversations. This will help you to understand how English sounds in different countries and how it is spoken by different people.

3. Write Journals :

Writing in English will improve your writing ability and will help you to become an advanced English speaker. Always keep a journal to practice writing English.

Key Points :

Write essays or blog posts in English to practice your English writing. It will help you to improve your understanding.

You can create a social media post or a blog entry to practice your English writing.

Write English daily and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Get your writing corrected by an advanced English speaker and make sure that you understand them.

Note down the mistakes in your journal and get corrected. It will help you in not using the wrong vocabulary in your English conversation.

You can make a speaking journal to record your thoughts in English. Play the tape before you go to bed at night and look back on important words or phrases.

You can make a note of the conversations you had in English and the mistakes that you need to improve on.

This will help to track your progress at the end of the day or week and to set new goals.

4. Sing With Lyrics :

When our brains get engaged with music it becomes active and it processes with the language. To improve your English you need a good mood and singing is a fantastic way. English music helps to have better pronunciation skills and helps to understand other speakers more easily.

Key Points :

Sing songs in English to get more comfortable using the lyrics of the song to understand easily.

Search for the lyrics of the song on the Internet and sing along with the song. Pay attention to the words and to its pronunciation.

Listen to English radio and English music and try to learn new words or phrases and practice singing with the lyrics.

You can listen to English songs online. Download English music to your smartphone, computer, or mp3 player to listen and sing with lyrics.

This will help to improve your speaking skills, learn the rhythm of the language and expressions.

You can do English karaoke with your friends.

5. Learn By Phrases :

Learning lists of phrases in a new language is known as “sentence mining”. To become a good English speaker you need to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas. So, you need to learn English in phrases or sentences, not in words.

Key Points :

Learning English word by word can be difficult in constructing sentences. So, start learning common phrases instead of words.

Music contains a lot of vocabulary, phrases and expressions. Pay attention to the lyrics and take note of the new phrases and learn them.

Learn phrases or words in groups like, a glass of wine, a pint of beer, a cup of tea, a pot of coffee. Try to learn a number of such phrases each day.

Keep a vocabulary journal and note down all the new and unfamiliar phrases and read them yourself frequently.

Listen and repeat. Try to copy paste the phrases that you hear without creating unnecessary obstacles.

Forget about the meaning of each word and learn the expression and phrases.

Change your strategy of learning words or lists of verbs and learn full expressions and phrases. It will help to use new vocabulary faster, and memorize the grammar. This will help to become a good English speaker.

6. Record Yourself :

Recording your speech and analyzing it is important to become a good English speaker. This will show you things that you may not realize and improve your professional English speaking skills. When you think of practicing a language, try to put yourself in the situation to use the language.

Key Points :

Start listening with a sentence in English, pause the audio and repeat the sentence or phrase, repeat it and record yourself and then analyze the recording.

Try to watch an English Netflix show with the subtitles and repeat the dialogues and record yourself.

You will make a lot of mistakes when you speak. By recording you can play it back and learn the mistakes from it.

You will find which words or sentences you need to improve and track your progress and pick up on pronunciation.

Take an English-language book and record yourself reading it. It is a fun and interesting way to practice your English pronunciation.

You can play an audio and repeat by saying the words and conversations. Pay attention to the intonation, stress, and rhythm of language. Record yourself and analyze it.

You can use a voice recorder on your phone or use a web-service like “Vocaroo”. It will help you to listen to yourself and self-correct.

7. Be Confident :

Speaking a new language or speaking a foreign language is intimidating. You need to build confidence to speak a new language or to speak with others. All language learners face this difficulty and the best way to overcome this is to start practicing speaking.

Key Points :

Be confident and relaxed when speaking in English. Do not be afraid and stressed while using new English words or phrases.

Take every chance to use your English speaking skills to practice and improve them. This will help you to get better and become more confident.

Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and to ask about your mistakes.

To overcome fear and to look confident you need to practice speaking. So, try every opportunity to practice speaking, talk to people at parties, approach a foreigner who looks lost and help them.

Talk to yourself, the more you practice with yourself, your English skills will become more perfect. This will help you to look confident in speaking.

Do not stress to correct the grammar or pronunciation. You may not speak proper English but fake confidence. Pretend to be good and fake that confidence.

You can make an audio blog or blog of podcasts to record yourself. Talk about whatever you want like, movie reviews, share stories, give your opinion or share about yourself.

8. Surround And Think In English :

Listen to things in English. Read things in English. Watch things in English. Because it will help you to become good and fluent in speaking English. The more you will surround yourself in English, the more you will think in English. When you start to think in English, you start living in an environment of English.

Key Points :

Create a perfect English-learning environment around you.

Practice thinking in English daily and it will make you confident to think on your feet well.

You need to think about it in English. The more you think, the more you will become good at speaking English.

Find TV shows, podcasts, songs, books, and anything else in English and understand them. When you will understand you will start enjoying it and this will make you interested in learning.

Read more or find the best resources for you and surround yourself in English, read an English newspaper daily, listen to English podcasts and write journals in English.

Speak in English while you are shopping, with people on the road for directions, with strangers on a metro, with friends over the cellphone.

Make a plan of what you are going to do in the evening today or make plans for tomorrow or make plans for the place you are going to visit with your friends.

9. Take Online Courses :

Take an English online course to learn to speak better and to become a good English speaker. It will help you to learn the rules of grammar and the process of formal English writing. It will help you to improve your knowledge of the language.

You can check out a local university or an educational organization for English speaking classes. It will make you a good and confident English speaker. You will get friends at your English class to practice speaking English with them.

You can practice through MentorPlus. It’s an online English learning course with five sessions each of 60 minutes of classes by professional teachers. It will help you to surround yourself in English and to think in English.

10. Practice Daily :

Always stay consistent and keep practicing daily. Consistency is key in learning a complex skill and this will make you a good English speaker at a high level with confidence. Regular and consistent practice is the key to success to improve speaking skills in English.

Key Points :

Pick up a short article and read aloud. Reflect on your reading and the new words.

Tips and suggestions are given above and you need to work on them regularly. Spend just 10 minutes every day.

When you will find more time some days. Try to dedicate more time to do the minimum.

Don’t worry about the mistakes and keep practicing. It will make you more confident and will improve you for bigger challenges.

Always make sure to commit 5-10 minutes from your every day routine or some days you can give 2-3 hours.

Final Words

Focus on learning the English that you need to know and master the basic phrases and keep practicing until you are able to repeat them correctly and effortlessly. Then go for focusing on advanced English. Use tools and techniques to improve your English speaking skills.

Try the resources and suggestions given above. Pay attention to which ones help your confidence or which ones seem to help you speak English over longer periods of time or which one help you to become a good English speaker.