10 Phrases to Make a Great Impression on your English Workmates

Facing challenges in impressing you team and work mates ? When you start a new job, it is important to make a great impression on your new colleagues by using good phrases. When your colleagues learn that they are doing good work, they may feel more eager to continue their responsibilities.It is common that you have to deal with co-workers or clients who speak another language.

Phrases that are Commonly used

1. “Can you tell me about…”

This phrase shows your excitement or eagerness to know about the opposite person at the workplace.Many a times this phrase is used to know about any information.

2. Could I have your advice on this?

People are always flattered when they are treated as experts. Always ask for advice and make sure you let your fellow mates know that you value their opinions.Thus, this improves the interpersonal relationship in an organisation.

3. I heard that you have a great story about…

This phrase arises a keen interest to know about each other past or present story or happenings in their life which gives a rise to informal talks and sometimes formal talks in an organisation.

4. It’s great pleasure to meet you..

If your colleague who works with you at a level similar to yours, say “It’s great to meet you!” when you meet them. If you meet someone older or senior than you, use this formal phrase “It’s a pleasure to meet you!”.

5. Sorry to hold the meeting up, but…

In case of emergency in an organisation , the scheduled meetings are post-poned or are resheduled. Afterwards, this phrase helps to say the apologize for hold the meeting and then the schedule for the next meet.

6. You have really grown as a professional..

This phrase is often used by the boss to the employees. Usually colleagues use this phrase in order to show each other improvement in the work environment. This shows how professionally a person has developed himself in the work assigned.

7. To wrap things up…

You can use this phrase to recapitulate the main ideas in closing meetings and presentations, making sure everyone remembers what you are most interested in communicating.

8. Let’s summarize briefly what we have looked at….

This phrase helps after completion of a meeting or any talk. So that the person who could not attend the meeting due to some reasons would understand whatever happened in the meet.

9. I’ll be with you in a moment..

People at workplace are always busy with some or the other work.With this phrase you show that you are busy, but that you will soon be available. Thus, if you work in a place this phrase is to indicate someone who is next. Also, keep in mind that you can replace the word moment by minute.

10. That sounds like a plan

A nice informal phrase to use when colleagues have a good idea about how and what to do something. So, if you want to sound even more enthusiastic, you could say “That sounds like a great plan!

Using the above phrases gives an great impression on the individuals or work groups in organisation which will show the qualities of a person and their behavior towards others.. By recognizing their good work, they may do so in return, which can strengthen your professional connection. Hence, the feedback to the employees can help them to continue doing the work they do best. Also, being friendly is a good start and these English expressions will help you go further in making a great impression on your new English-speaking colleagues. Therefore, these will enhance your confidence levels while speaking good phrases in the workplace.